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To our Investors, RGI is a one-of-a-kind Private Equity Fund that focuses on Real Estate Development. We entered the industry with a bang, disrupting the traditional PE model by offering pro-rata profits, removing sweat equity as a component of its fees, and charging absolutely no management fees to our investor base. In light of disruption, RGI has been able to grow its fund size at a tremendous rate, while allowing its investor-base to earn industry ground-breaking rates, enter the investor market at low capital points, and understand how a Real Estate Development Fund and its projects function without having to lift a finger. RGI separates itself from the rest of the market by offering full transparency, completely aligning its incentives with its investors and securing operational cash flow without passing on the cost to its pool of investors. Click here to see how we have combined transparency and onus to create successful relationships with our investors.


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To our home buyers, RGI is a partner that serenades you with our one-of-a-kind custom homes in and around the inspiring City of Chicago. We spread our wings across many different pockets of Chicago and, brick by brick, we craft single family homes, mindfully creating your future residence with pragmatism, high quality finishes and price conscious delivery. We distinguish our custom homes in areas such as Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, West Town, Portage Park, Old Irving, Avondale and Ukranian Village. Let us show you how Chicago living can be inspiring and affordable at the same time. Click here to see our gallery of homes that accentuate Chicago living.

To our brokerage clients, RGI is a catalyst that bridges the gap between affordable and readily available capital and builders that have the foresight and fortitude to develop homes in many cities across the US. We work with determined builders to help see their vision through from start to finish. We vet the process, connect you to a financier that suits your capital needs and timeline, and liaise the relationship from start to finish. With access to more than $1 billion in capital push between our partnership affiliates, we are able to service the needs of a wide variety of developer capital needs. Click here to start raising funds for your projects immediately!

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