Investor relations

Investor Relations

RGI set out to completely disrupt the Private Equity Market and allow its investors to capitlalize on aspects of profit share to which they were never privy in the past. Traditional Private Equity structures allow for General Partners to invest less than 1% of the fund's aggregate capital and earn up to 20% of the profits. Therefore, investors have the accumulated risk of 99% of the capital, while paying management fees that cover the General Partners' salaries, bonuses, office expenses, employee salaries, rents, etc. In essence, in the traditional structure, even if the firm does not make money, the General Partners do. Furthermore, when you invest in a traditional fund, your investments are non-transparent as to your asset class or share in success/loss of a particular deal. The weaknesses inherent in the traditional landscape of Private Equity required drastic changes,and allowed for RGI to prioritize trasnparency in investment, removing sweat equity from the equation which means that our General Partners contribute 50% or more to each raise and our investors' profit share equates to a one-to-one share without lifting a finger. Furthermore, our investors pay nothing towards the employee salaries, General Partner salaries, bonuses, office expenses, and rent, which allows for exact alignment of incentives.

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